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EIGA Winter Session 2018

EIGA’s Winter Seminar 2018 will be held in Brussels on 24th and 25th January 2018.

The topic of the Seminar will be Transport Safety.

Detailed programme is now available here


Why Transport Safety?

Transportation of gases and equipment by road can often be the highest risk activity for gas companies and their providers of transport services.  Complying with legislative and regulatory requirements of operating a transport fleet needs to be supplemented with actions specific for the industrial and medical gases industry to prevent one of our drivers or vehicles from being involved in a serious incident.

It is critical that gas companies and transportation companies have processes in place to reduce the risk of serious vehicle incidents.

Vehicle incident investigations have shown that most these incidents are avoidable and that the causes include:

  • A lack of training or knowledge
  • People’s ability to react to high risk situations
  • Human behaviour
  • Inadequate organisation and management processes

In our Seminar, industry and external experts will address these causes and will provide guidance and examples of good practices in a range of areas including:

  • Driver training
  • Risks on the road
  • Using technology
  • Behaviours and distractions
  • Contractor management
  • Incident management

The Seminar will provide guidance and perspective on these and other aspects of transport safety and on how people should be communicating and managing these issues. We will also be presenting proven tools and techniques which managers and employees will be motivated to take back to their companies and implement with conviction.

The Seminar will feature presentations from over twenty global industry and external speakers. 

The presentations will be complemented by a poster session which will give the audience the opportunity to learn more on specific topics related to transport safety, in a different more interactive format.

Who should attend?

Transport and distribution management personnel, senior leaders, functional specialists and engineers from the bulk, cylinder and homecare sectors, representing gas companies and contractors. Experts and those new to the industry.

Regulatory and government officers. Representatives of industrial gas associations, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, consultants, competent authorities, customers and business partners.


Registration is now open.